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Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

Our Surface Treatment Service

Comprehensive Surface Treatment Solutions

Falcon offers a wide range of surface treatment options, including coatings, plating, and finishes, to enhance the durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetics of your components, ensuring they meet the specific requirements of your industry and application.

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Advanced Surface Preparation Techniques

Falcon employs state-of-the-art surface preparation techniques, such as cleaning, degreasing, and abrasive blasting, to remove impurities and create an ideal surface for subsequent treatment processes. This ensures maximum adhesion and quality of the applied surface treatments.

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Customized Solutions for Diverse Materials

Falcon's surface treatment services are tailored to suit different materials, such as metals, alloys, and plastics. With expertise in material compatibility and treatment techniques, Falcon can optimize the surface treatment process for each material, ensuring optimal results and performance.

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Quality Assurance and Compliance

Falcon maintains strict quality control measures and adherence to industry standards to ensure the highest quality surface treatments. With advanced inspection and testing techniques, Falcon verifies the integrity, thickness, and adhesion of coatings, providing reliable and compliant surface treatment solutions for your components.

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Benefits of Falcon's Surface Treatment Service

Improve the durability and protection of CNC precision machining components
Enhanced Durability and Protection

Falcon's surface treatment service improves the durability and protection of components by applying coatings and finishes that resist corrosion, wear, and environmental factors, extending the lifespan and reliability of your products.

Improve aesthetics and branding for your precision machining parts
Improved Aesthetics and Branding

With Falcon's surface treatment, you can achieve superior aesthetics for your components, enhancing their visual appeal and branding. Customized finishes and coatings can give your products a distinctive and professional look.

Optimize the performance and functionality of your precision machining components
Increased Performance and Functionality

By selecting the appropriate surface treatment, Falcon can optimize the performance and functionality of your components. Surface treatments can improve properties like hardness, lubricity, conductivity, and biocompatibility, enhancing overall product performance and customer satisfaction.

Process of Falcon's Surface Treatment Service

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    Falcon begins by thoroughly cleaning and preparing the surface of the components, removing contaminants, oils, and oxides. This step ensures proper adhesion and quality of the subsequent treatment processes.

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    Coating Application

    Falcon applies a variety of coatings, such as electroplating, powder coating, or chemical conversion coating, based on the specific requirements. This process provides enhanced durability, corrosion resistance, and desired aesthetic finishes to the components.

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    Curing and Drying

    After the coating application, Falcon carefully cures and dries the components according to the specific coating requirements. This step ensures proper bonding and hardening of the applied coating, maximizing its effectiveness and longevity.

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    Inspection and Quality Control

    Falcon conducts rigorous inspection and quality control checks to verify the thickness, adhesion, and overall quality of the surface treatment. This ensures that the components meet the desired specifications and adhere to industry standards.

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    Packaging and Delivery

    Once the surface treatment process is complete, Falcon carefully packages the treated components to protect them during transportation. Prompt and efficient delivery ensures that the components reach customers on time, ready for integration into their products or applications.