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Swiss Machine Shop

A Swiss machine shop is a type of manufacturing facility that specializes in using Swiss-type lathes, which are highly precise and efficient machines for producing small parts with tight tolerances. The precision and efficiency of Swiss-type machines make them well-suited for the production of high-precision parts with complex geometries, which are often required in these industries. 

Falcon provides precision CNC Swiss machining service, we use computer-controlled equipment to automate the production process and ensure consistent quality. These machines are capable of turning, drilling, milling, and other precision machining operations on small parts with diameters as small as a few millimeters.

Overall, anyone who needs high-precision, small, complex parts may benefit from Swiss machining. This can include manufacturers in a variety of industries, as well as research institutions and academic labs that require precise, high-quality parts for experiments and prototypes.

6 Steps of Swiss Machining Manufacturing Processes at Falcon Swiss Machine Shop

The Swiss machining process is characterized by its ability to produce precision machining parts with high accuracy and consistency. It involves the use of a rotating tool that is held in a collet and guided by a sliding headstock. The workpiece is held in a guide bushing, which supports and guides the material as it is machined.

1. Turning: Removing material from the workpiece by the rotation of the tool which is cutting away material to create the desired shape and size.

2. Drilling: Using a rotating drill bit which is fed into the material, creating a hole with the desired size and depth.

3. Milling: Using a cutting tool with multiple cutting edges which are moved along the workpiece, removing material to create the desired shape and size.

4. Thread cutting: Using a cutting tool with the desired thread profile to create the threads.

5. Broaching: A specialized tool called a broach is used to create a hole or groove in the workpiece.

6. Cross-drilling: This process is used to create hole that intersects with another hole or channel such as fluid or gas flow paths in the workpiece.

6 Steps of Swiss Machining Manufacturing Processes at Falcon Swiss Machine Shop

Capabilities & Advantages of Falcon Swiss Machine Shop

Looking for a Swiss machining shop that can meet your high-precision manufacturing needs? Look no further than Falcon Swiss! With over 300 pieces of production equipment, including CNC mills, Swiss lathes, and testing tools and equipment, we have the capabilities to satisfy a wide range of manufacturing requirements.

Our machine control accuracy is a remarkable ±0.01mm, with ultimate precision of ±0.001mm, making us one of the most accurate Swiss machine shops in the industry. We're capable of producing at least 1,000,000 parts within a month, making us the perfect choice for high-volume production runs.

But that's not all. Our in-house test lab and equipment, along with our certifications in ISO9001, ISO16949, and ISO13485, ensure that we maintain strict quality control standards. We also offer PPAP and FMEA for automotive and medical clients.

At Falcon Swiss, we pride ourselves on our diverse capabilities. We work with 475 different materials, use 28 CNC techniques, and offer 30 kinds of surface treatments. And with global delivery to anywhere around the world, we're ready to meet your needs, no matter where you're located. So why settle for anything less than the best? Contact us Swiss today and experience the advantages of working with a top-notch Swiss machine shop.

Capabilities & Advantages of Falcon Swiss Machine Shop

Falcon Swiss Machine Shop is Pround of its Certs and Patents

Falcon Swiss Machine Shop is Pround of its Certs and Patents

Falcon is proud to comply with ISO standards to improve our operations, enhance our reputation, and achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace. These standards provide guidelines and best practices for our quality management systems, we are committed to continuous improvement for our Swiss machining shop and service. Meanwhile, it helps us to identify and mitigate potential risks and improve their overall resilience.

Falcon Swiss Machine Shop is certified by:

ISO 9001:2015 for business management

ISO 13485:2016 for the medical industry

ISO16949:2009 for the automotive industry

SGS certification

Utility model patent certificate

Falcon Swiss Machine Shop for Any Industry

Falcon Swiss machine shop serves a wide range of industries that require small, high-precision components with complex geometries. Falcon machine shop is used in industries that require high-precision, small components with complex geometries, making it an essential technology for the production of advanced products across multiple industries. Here are some of the industries that commonly use Our Swiss screw and turning machine shop and services:

Swiss machining is widely used to produce medical devices

Swiss machining is widely used to produce medical devices

Swiss machining is widely used in the cnc machining medical industry to produce small, intricate components for surgical instruments, implants, and other medical devices.



The aerospace industry relies on Swiss machining services to produce components for jet engines, hydraulic systems, and other critical aerospace applications.

Swiss machining is used in the electronics industry

Swiss machining is used in the electronics industry

Swiss machining is used in the electronics industry to produce components for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices.

Swiss machining is used in the automotive industry

Swiss machining is used in the automotive industry

Swiss machining is used in the automotive industry to produce CNC machining car parts for fuel injection systems, braking systems, and other automotive applications.

Swiss machining is used in the defense industry

Swiss machining is used in the defense industry

Swiss machining is used in the defense industry to produce components for military aircraft, weapons systems, and other defense applications.

Swiss machining is used in various industrial applications

Swiss machining is used in various industrial applications

Swiss machining is used in various industrial applications, including precision mechanical parts for industrial machinery, valves, and pumps.

6 Advantages of High Volume Production by Swiss Machining at Falcon Machine Shop

As certified by ISO 9001, 13485, and 16949, Falcon Swiss machine shop is an ideal choice for high-volume production solutions. With more than 300 set Swiss machines and other equipment to achieve maximum efficiency, Falcon Swiss machine shops use automation and advanced software to reduce setup time and increase production rates. This includes the use of bar feeders to continuously feed material into the machine, robotic loading and unloading systems, and real-time monitoring and feedback systems that optimize machining parameters. This makes us an attractive option for customers requiring large quantities of small, complex parts with high precision and accuracy.

The advantages of high-volume production solutions at Falcon screw machining shop include:

1. High Efficiency: As a machining precision services supplier, Falcon multi-spindle Swiss screw machines are capable of performing multiple operations simultaneously, reducing setup times and increasing production rates, resulting in higher efficiency and faster turnaround times.

2. Cost-Effective: High-volume production at Falcon Swiss lathe machine shop allows for economies of scale, reducing per-part costs and making it an attractive option for customers requiring large quantities of parts.

3. Precision and Accuracy: Swiss screw machine services are known for their ability to produce small, complex parts with high precision and accuracy, resulting in high-quality finished products that meet customer specifications.

4. Consistency: Automated processes and advanced software enable Falcon to maintain consistency in production, ensuring that each part is identical to the next.

5. Design for Manufacturability: Experienced engineers at Falcon Swiss turning machine shop can work with customers to optimize part design for manufacturability, resulting in parts that can be produced efficiently and cost-effectively.

6. Quality Control: Falcon Swiss screw machine shops typically have rigorous quality control programs in place, utilizing advanced measurement systems to ensure that parts meet customer specifications. PPAP and FMEA for automotive and medical clients.

Swiss Lathe Machine Shop FAQs

Q: Screw Machine Vs Swiss Machine

The Swiss machine, also known as the Swiss-type lathe or Swiss automatic lathe, is a modern machine that can quickly and accurately manufacture extremely small precision parts.

The Screw machine is a professional automated metal processing lathe developed in Switzerland in the late 19th century to produce high-volume identical parts, such as screws.

The difference lies in the installation of the workpiece on the rotating slider by the Swiss machine. The automatic screw machine is equipped with a disc cam, which can rotate the tool to the workpiece table and fix it in place by the spindle chuck.

Q: What is Swiss Vs CNC?

Precision and accuracy are crucial when it comes to machining processes, and CNC and Swiss CNC machines are two of the most reliable methods available. While both processes offer their own unique advantages, it's important to carefully consider the specific requirements of each job in order to choose the best option.

One of the key advantages of the Swiss machine is its ability to provide unparalleled precision in the turning process. With the material supported near the cutting tool by a guide sleeve, deflection is minimized, resulting in a level of accuracy that is simply not possible with traditional turning processes. This makes Swiss machining an excellent choice for producing long parts and small components with diameters less than .125 inches.

On the other hand, traditional turning processes are better suited for shorter, larger-diameter parts that require extremely tight tolerances. Additionally, traditional turning is often the preferred method when working with larger, more difficult materials.

Whether you're working on a complex project that requires the precision of a Swiss machine, or a larger job that calls for the power and versatility of traditional turning, choosing the right machining process is essential to achieving the best possible results. With the right tools and expertise, you can ensure that your project is completed to the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Q: Why is Swiss Machine Shop important?

Swiss machining shops are a haven for precision engineering and craftsmanship. These Swiss lathe machine shops employ highly skilled operators who are experts in the art of machining custom parts. Using state-of-the-art Swiss lathes, these workshops can produce parts from a wide range of materials such as metal and plastic, ensuring accuracy and consistency in every piece.

The unparalleled expertise of these operators is matched only by the cutting-edge machinery and equipment they utilize. These Swiss turning machine shops boast an impressive array of machine tools and equipment, making them a one-stop shop for all custom parts manufacturing needs.

The importance of these workshops to the manufacturing industry cannot be overstated. Companies rely on our specialized services to produce high-quality custom parts quickly and efficiently. Without the assistance of these Swiss screw machine shops, companies would have to invest significant resources in R&D, purchase expensive equipment, and train professional talents, leading to increased costs and delays in production.

In essence, Swiss machining shops are the backbone of the manufacturing industry, providing essential services that enable companies to focus on core competencies while leaving custom parts manufacturing to the experts.

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